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JS Seminars & Current Events

Coarsegold Kenpo Karate
When: November 5th, 2015
Location: 28420 Yosemite Springs Pkwy
 Suite D, Coarsegold, CA 93614

Contact: Denis Ciccarell
Phone: (559) 681-1466 
E-mail: ciccarelli@coarsegoldkenpokarate.com

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Sher Khan Karate Academy
When: November 6-7 2015
Location: 8932 Elk Grove Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA. 95624
Contact: Mr. Chris Tanaka
Phone: 1-916-686-6552

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Port Orchard Kenpo Karate
When: November, 14th 2015
Location: 1265 Sherman Ave,
Port Orchard, WA 98366
Contact: Mr. or Mrs. Graves
Phone: 1-360-895-3676

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Aurora Martial Arts
November 20-21 2015
Location: 195 SE Crystal Lake Drive
Corvallis, OR. 97333

Mr. Louis Donadio
Phone: 1-541-753-6614
E-mail: Mr_D@auroramartialarts.com

Rockland Kenpo Karate
December 5th, 2015
Location: 491 Kings Highway
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
Phone: (845) 641-5073
Contact: Tim Murphy
E-mail: rocklandkenpo@aol.com

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The International Journey




Our Mission Statement

The primary purpose of our Association is to continue the teaching of Senior Grandmaster Edmund K. Parker, by providing our members with a standardized base of knowledge and teaching, while allowing personal preference, expression, and variable expansion within the Art.


It is our intention to provide a solid base to teach and learn from, not to control or manipulate your Kenpo experience.  The Art of SGM Parker's Kenpo is widespread and diversified, to many sources.  Realizing the enormity of information and rich history of our Kenpo, we welcome the many qualified people who were exposed to these teachings.  We will work towards developing the Art of American Kenpo throughout the world and support and train those individuals who seek to study and teach Ed Parker's American Kenpo System.


The quality and standards set by Mr. Parker must be preserved while the Art of Kenpo continues to evolve and grow.  American Kenpo is a living Art, which exists and grows through its schools, instructors and students, and which provides a solid structure of responsible leadership, administrators, and qualified instructors.

About Ed Parker

We would like to briefly introduce our founding "Father of American Karate", the late Senior Grandmaster Edmund K. Parker. At sixteen years of age Ed Parker first began studying Kenpo with Frank Chow in his native homeland of Honolulu, Hawaii. Having been in many street fights himself, Mr. Parker quickly saw the benefits of Kenpo’s explosive action, minimum target exposure, and potential to ward off multiple attackers. Ed Parker is known as one of America’s foremost Karate Pioneers having opened the first karate studio in Provo, Utah in 1954. He opened his second school in Pasadena, CA in 1956, and within two years he was teaching many well known entertainment personalities.

In 1961 Time Magazine referred to Ed Parker as the "High Priest and Prophet of the Hollywood sect". He taught such notables as Elvis Presley, Robert Wagner, Blake Edwards, Robert Culp, Robert Conrad, George Hamilton, Warren Beatty, and many others. In addition to his life long dedication and contribution to the Martial Arts, Mr. Parker had many firsts, such as the first; to teach a karate class on a university campus, to open a commercial studio in America, authentic karate technical advisor for television and movies in the U.S., to publish a rule booklet specifically for karate competition, and many others. Some of his most notable books include "The Encyclopedia of Kenpo", "The Zen of Kenpo", and the five volume series, "Infinite Insights into Kenpo". Today there are Ed Parker schools and affiliates throughout the United States, Ireland, Germany, England, New Zealand, Australia, Holland, Spain, Venezuela, Guatemala, Africa, Chile, and others.