To the AKTS
The primary purpose of our Association is to continue the teaching of advanced Kenpo as taught to Mr. Sepulveda by his teacher, Senior Grandmaster Edmund K. Parker, by providing our members with a standardized base of knowledge and teaching while allowing personal preference, expression, and variable expansion within the Art. It is our intention to provide a solid base to teach and learn. The Art of Kenpo is widespread and diversified. Realizing the enormity of information and rich history of our Kenpo, we welcome the many qualified people who were exposed to these teachings. We will work towards developing the Art of Kenpo throughout the world and support and train those individuals who seek to study and teach the Advanced Kenpo Training System. The quality and standards must be preserved while the Art of Kenpo continues to evolve and grow. Kenpo is a living Art which exists and grows through its schools, instructors and students, and which provides a solid structure of responsible leadership, administrators, and qualified instructors.


John Sepulveda
Our Association’s president is John Sepulveda, who has over 50 years experience in Kenpo and holds an 9th Degree Black Belt (Master of the Arts). Mr. Sepulveda was one of a very few who was Continue Reading
sharing what was shared with me as perpetuated by FSGM Edmund K. Parker -John Sepulveda


June 10th – East Coast Training Seminar

When: Sunday, June 10th, 2018 Name of Event/School: East Coast Training Seminar – Franklin Family Karate Type of Event: Seminar Location: Franklin, MA Contact: Sean Crehan Phone: 508-520-3807 E-mail: scckenpo@gmail.com
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June 16th – SCKA Seminar

When:June 16th  Name of Event/School:Santa Clara Kenpo Academy  Type of Event: Seminar Location: Santa Clara, CA  Contact: Sandra Dee  Phone: 408-505-1067  E-mail: scka@santaclarakenpoacademy.com
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July 20th-22nd – Spirit Camp

When: July 20th – 22nd Name of Event: John Sepulveda’s Spirit Camp Type of Event: Camp Where:  3846 North Deer Lake Road • Loon Lake, WA 99148 Contact: Mylisa Chrisp  – Camp Director E-mail: mylisac71@gmail.com Download camp flyer (PDF) Download Registration Application Download Schedule of Events
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Our Kenpo Family

Training is the shared value that binds us together. We grow and evolve through our training, learning and exploring the many facets of Advanced Kenpo.

Everyone Tries – Everyone Trains,
regardless of rank.
John Sepluveda